Tamari Baithak

Tamari Baithak is a bigger multi-purpose hall that can be used for your official and personal events like conference, meeting, workshop, seminar and party. Tamari Baithak is decorated had modern touch in its design while it does not also leave the traditional attraction of Bhaktapur city. Amazing lights, walls, furniture and other amenities add up to its beauty while large peacock windows keeps its aesthetic value alive. The grand view of the waterfall garden from the hall adds up more glamour to the hall.

Tamari Baithak can easily cater more than 200 guests at a time. It is bigger than Gomari Baithak and accommodates 200 people in theatre style, 120 people in classroom setup and 90 participants in round or U shaped setup. Stationery and other amenities can also be made available for you upon your request. It is the best multi-purpose facilitated hall that you can find in Bhaktapur. If you want to know more about Tamari Baithak and amenities, our reception desk will be more than happy to cooperate with you.